Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Inspiration with a big I.

I need it. I'm sick of this weather, yesterday was better than it's been in a long time. The cold doesn't even bother me that much, I just don't like the dark, gloomy atmosphere of all this. I just want the sun to shine! I tires me out actually, I don't feel like doing alot. Inspiration is nearby, I can feel it. I will only have to look for it and work for it. Went see Beach House last night in Paradiso, it was SO AMAZING. Took my breath away, It's the best gig i've seen in a long time. Going to Paris on saturday, untill Monday evening. I think that will also help me a bit. I also want to go and see exhibitions, make more pictures than ever and explore things. That's what i'll do! Just wait and see.

Beach House-Walk in the park (Pitchfork Tv)

I wonder why the guitarist takes off his shoes so often. He didn't wear any last night aswell, haha.

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