Sunday, 30 May 2010

Memory House

This must be the loveliest band ever. I can listen to this for ages. Ofcourse Julien discovered this first, I'm glad that he did. It's such dreamy, pretty music, it makes me feel like lying on the grass with my eyes closed.

Bonfire. My new fall a sleep song.

Grizzly Bear cover

Friday, 28 May 2010

Teen Dream

On wednesday Julien and I went to see Beach House at paradiso again. They were playing together with a Belgian band called 'Isbells'. It was sweet music, but a bit dull to be honest. A bit weepy, and sensitive in an annoying way. Anyway, Beach House: they made a move forward; they were playing downstairs this time, after playing upstairs three times.
I liked it alot. Didn't like it as much as i did last time though, it was more intense then. The lighting was way better, so I was a happy photographer.
One of the pictures, she's actually looking into my camera here.

© Rosalie Nooter

What I was most happy about is that they played every single song I want them to. Even from their first album.
It was a good night, and i hope to see more of them soon. Maybe somewhere else than Paradiso next time.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lovely Paris

Came back from Paris on sunday. Haven't had much time to be on here, didn't really feel like it either. Since I came back i've been feeling kind of weird. I didn't want to leave there, I guess it feels like a second home now. It was a lovely trip yet again, the weather was lovely and me and Julien got to see all of our friends. We stayed at our friend Dan's place, we didn't get to see him much though because he had to work the entire weekend. But we'll get to see more of him when we're back there in August!
First day we sat by the Seine all evening, with a bottle of wine and some food, and watched the sunset and all the tourist boats coming by. We also met a Finnish guy named Veikko, who is the funniest guy you'll be most likely to meer. I really like meeting people from all over the world, it's so interesting. We spent about every day with him, and ofcourse with Anna and Amanda. Went to a beautiful park on friday, 'Bois Des Vincennes'. It was a massive park, and ofcourse we walked into the wrong direction towards our friends, so we had to walk through the whole park to reach them.
On saturday we visited an exhibition in Palais De Tokyo, which was a ridiculous one. I like art, but this didn't make sense whatsoever. A bit too farfetched in my opinion. Me and Anna made really nice photos in that photobooth they have there, I love that. I kind of collect those photos now, I've got tons. Anyway, we went for a lovely dinner and Tom and his friend George afterwards DJed there. That was our last night, and it was a great one. All of us got way too drunk and had a nice time dancing to Tom and George's tunes.
Conclusion: It was a lovely weekend and I can't wait to go back to that amazing city with it's amazing people.

Now it's back to reality: finish my last assignments at school. Deadline's on tuesday, gonna work my butt of until then, after that, summer can begin and the money can roll in.