Friday, 28 May 2010

Teen Dream

On wednesday Julien and I went to see Beach House at paradiso again. They were playing together with a Belgian band called 'Isbells'. It was sweet music, but a bit dull to be honest. A bit weepy, and sensitive in an annoying way. Anyway, Beach House: they made a move forward; they were playing downstairs this time, after playing upstairs three times.
I liked it alot. Didn't like it as much as i did last time though, it was more intense then. The lighting was way better, so I was a happy photographer.
One of the pictures, she's actually looking into my camera here.

© Rosalie Nooter

What I was most happy about is that they played every single song I want them to. Even from their first album.
It was a good night, and i hope to see more of them soon. Maybe somewhere else than Paradiso next time.

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