Monday, 14 December 2009


I'm relieved about alot of things. Alot of poison out of my life, focusing on important things.
I'm so happy when i'm making pictures. It's like i gained a third eye and it won't let loose.

The Maccabees at Club Desmet. It was such an amazing gig.

I really enjoy photographing during concerts. The best thing is to capture the moments where the musician(s)are really into the moment and into their music.
About a month ago i've seen St. Vincent and Grizzly Bear. Both were incredibly good, it was everything i thought it'd be. Can't stop listening to it now.

St. Vincent

That was a while ago. Two weeks ago my friend Dominique threw a houseparty, because she had just moved in with her two sisters. I had alot of fun with my friends! Here are some pictures my friend Fanny took.

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