Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I can't believe it's almost christmas time again.. time goes by so incredibly fast. It's almost 2010 (!!) it's so nearby, yet it sounds so far away. It sounds like a whole different time. Like the jetsons. I would be pretty content thinking i'd fly to school from now on. Anyway, i've got a new photography assignment. It's the best one ever! My teacher gave me two discs with short movie clips, and i had to pick one, and inspired by that one movie i'll have to make a picture. The same vibe, atmosphere, colours, feeling and such. It was so hard for me to pick one, because it turned out my teacher has a pretty good taste in movies. I decided i'm going for Edward Scissorhands! I love that movie and i absolutely admire Tim Burton. I'm so happy there are people like him in this world, inspiring me to do the things i really want to do. I wish i could even draw a LITTLE bit like him. anyway, these are the three movies i couldn't pick one out of before.

Big Fish

A Clockwork Orange

Edward Scissorhands

I think all three of these movies are incredible. I've never seen whole of a clockwork orange though, i will do that soon. Anyway, I can't wait to start on this assignment. It's something that really inspires me. I hope i can do it the way i want to aswell, seen the fact i can't photoshop yet.. I've got a couple of ideas for my Edward Scissorhands pictures already.

By the way, speaking of Tim Burton; I've been waiting for his new movie to come out: Alice In Wonderland! You can see it's gonna be wonderful. It's gonna come out somewhere in 2010, it says in march but i guess it's going to be summer 2010 then here in Amsterdam. Can't wait!

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