Sunday, 13 December 2009


God, i'm so tired now. After trying out tons of jobs, i finally found one i really like. Coffee Company, not phenomenal but it's nice. At waterlooplein, a really nice fleamarket here in amsterdam.. It's right across the street from my old job, kind of funny. First day today, met my new co-workers and boss, signed some papers and started work. My shift was supposed to be from 10:30 untill 16:30, but someone couldn't work so i had to stay longer... that's when i realized it's been so long since i did last actually work really hard. It's a good thing, to make money. Being poor isn't the best thing, i couldn't even go out properly because i had no money the last two months.
I can say i'm a very satisfied person at the moment. School's going really well too. I'm SO happy i finally found something that's kept my attention for a longer time: photography. I'm just starting, need to learn alot but i can't wait to absorb all of it. The best way to learn is to practise. And i will! Plus, i'm gonna save up some money each month for a trip to New York City with Julien! I've always wanted to go there, never been there. It seems like such an inspiring, creative, energetic city. I'll have to save up quite alot though. I've never travelled outside of Europe. I want to see the world, and alot of it! One of my biggest dreams is to make a trip around the world one day.
New York, Tokyo and Cape Town are top of my list.

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