Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I want

Spring to come. I love you, winter. But i need some more colour to cheer me up and make me feel less tired. Inspite of all of this, i'm very happy and satisfied about the way things are going right now. School's going GOOD, my jobs going GOOD. I feel really inspired to do stuff. Plus i've got the best, most beautiful boyfriend in the whole world. The best friends in the whole world too. Although a couple of them left me to study abroad, i envy them for that. I'd love to do the same sometime. Maybe next year, Paris, but i don't know if that's realistic really. Because i'd have to take a year of off school and i don't know if i would be able to start again. I know myself well enough to say that, i'm a lazy bastard what that's concerned. I just am a 10000% sure of the fact it would be so good for myself to go away for a while. Away from that safe environment and take care of myself. I have plans, that's good. I never had plans. EVER. So i guess that's a good thing.

I love The Smiths and i can't stop listening to their music.

I also need one of those shirt. badly.

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